Brian Scully: Financial education is important


Published: 12/3/2018 9:11:07 AM
Financial education is important

​​​​​​Your recent editorial (“Smarten up and teach students financial literacy”) about how schools should teach kids about finances so when they get out of high school they can handle money responsibly was excellent. In fact, my daughter’s fifth-grade teacher at Fort River Elementary School, Mr. Severance, is doing just that. He has set up a fun learning system where they kids earn “Severance bucks” as the kids call them, by doing jobs in the classroom, for answering or solving extra credit problems on homework or tests, extra educational tasks, etc.

They have to manage their money carefully because they also have to pay rent for their use of the classroom, just like they will in the real world for an apartment or house someday. I wish one of my teachers in the 1960s had taught me this very important skill. In the fun way Mr. Severance teaches about finances, in the background of all the other subjects they study, the kids learn some very real lessons about budgeting, setting financial goals and meeting expenses. Maybe you should interview Mr. Severance because this is just another great example of the amazing work being done by our children’s teachers in Fort River Elementary School. 

Brian Scully

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