Paul Redstone: When ‘nuance is lost’

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Published: 12/4/2018 10:51:56 AM
When ‘nuance is lost’

I am writing to strongly support the letter written by David Sloviter in today’s Gazette expressing concern about the cancellation of Chief Kasper’s training trip to Israel. He does a wonderful job detailing legitimate concerns and arguments in opposition to that position. The decision to cancel is yet one more example of our tendency to rush to judgment and avoid thoughtful and careful review and consideration.

Sadly, too often we see this tendency to act from a position of what appears to be the highest of moral principles. However, responding from a position of righteousness precludes the possibility of serious discussion on this or any other matter. Important ideas that support other approaches are obscured in the bright light of what seems to be a “morally correct” posture. Conversation halts and nuance is lost. The end result is we lose good ideas both as individuals and as a community.

Paul Redstone

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