Photo Gallery: Geese, again?

  • Canada geese, resting on the University of Massachusetts campus pond, are silhouetted against the reflection of the Integrative Learning Center on Tuesday evening, Nov. 27, 2018, in Amherst. —STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN GUTTING

Published: 11/30/2018 2:12:52 PM

This time of year, the shorter days afford me a chance to visit the University of Massachusetts campus at night and, oddly enough, the darkness reveals things I don't normally "see" in the daytime.

On Tuesday, after being turned away from Sean Spicer's appearance at the Fine Arts Center ("No photos!"), I ventured out of the bright lights, glass and concrete into the inky black surrounding the adjacent campus pond.

There I heard these Canada geese gossiping quietly — as quietly, that is, as geese can carry on. As I focused on the silhouettes moving through the reflection of the Integrative Learning Center, I was nagged by one thought: "Didn't we just have a geese-on-the-pond picture in the Gazette?" Well, yes. Last Friday's false frozen flock fiasco on Paradise Pond was photographed by Jerrey Roberts. 

Nevertheless, I persisted. 

Heading back to the UMass parking garage, an outstanding example of brutalist architecture, I saw lots of potential photographs in the night landscape that have never struck me in the daytime. But I also thought how commonplace those same scenes might be to a student who would call this their home turf, even running the risk of becoming so much "furniture" in the living room of their day-to-day, or night-to-night, travels. But I'm betting it doesn't.

—Text and photo by Kevin Gutting

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