Larry Roberts: Businessman who had cars towed did nothing illegal

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Published: 4/2/2018 1:23:21 PM
Businessman who had cars towed did nothing illegal

It is easy to understand the dismay of those who had their cars towed (“Towed cars leave some marchers fuming,” March 27), but it is just as easy to understand that they should not expect that, no matter how much they have invested in their cause, they cannot dismiss the concerns and realities of others.

Jeffrey Tenczar, engaged in a business, has a duty to his renters and customers and must take action to see their expectations are met. He is the one that did nothing unlawful.

Furthermore, to trash him by stating he “abhors free speech and, apparently, condones the slaughter of school children,” as one reviewer was quoted without ever conversing with him, is mean-spirited, ignorant, inappropriate and illogical.

Larry Roberts


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