Harry Vandoloski: One way to stop gunman from continuing

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Published: 4/2/2018 1:22:36 PM
Only one way to stop gunmen from continuing

Some school shootings are OK. That is what I have been hearing from most media outlets lately that suggest if AR-15s are banned, when there is a school shooting maybe a few less children will die.

Should that make us happy or satisfied? Could murderous deviants possibly use one of the literally hundreds of other guns that shoot just as fast? So, teachers and children are supposed to be content to just die while waiting for future bans from lawful gun owners to take place so we can be as safe as Chicago (where almost all guns are totally banned?

Not all teachers should be armed. But there are many teachers and school officials who are competent, skilled and dedicated enough that they should be allowed an alternative to merely stopping bullets with their bodies in an effort to protect children.

I hear “it would be insane to arm teachers.” And “it would be a bad idea for a teacher to have a gun because someone could get caught in a cross fire.” I assume such people believe it would better to allow a deranged shooter to continue until he ran out of ammo or victims.

How often have you been allowed to read about the hundreds of school districts in our country that have safely armed participating teachers for several years?

In 2013 an executive order from then-president Obama resulted in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contracting one of the most extensive studies ever from the National Academy of Sciences. Perhaps you’ve never heard of it because of the unwelcome findings that “between 500,000 and 3 million times each year lawful gun owners prevent violent crime.”

There is no way to prevent a madman from firing a shot. There is only one way to stop him from continuing.

Harry Vandoloski


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