Ralph J. Dolan: ‘What they come seeking no longer exists’

  • A group of migrants gather at the Chaparral border crossing in Tijuana, Mexico, Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018, as they try to pressure their way into the U.S.  AP PHOTO/Rodrigo Abd

Published: 11/29/2018 8:24:30 AM
‘What they come seeking no longer exists’

I saw the caravans on the news: whole communities of refugees on the move, thousands of them running for their lives, carrying their little ones, trekking, trekking, sleeping in the open, not knowing how they are going to survive another day, how to feed the weary, traumatized children, taking their very lives and the lives of their children to the very edge of extinction.

Who would ever do such an insane thing? Only extraordinarily desperate people fleeing the horrors of life where civil society breaks down and armed predators take over the land.

And at the end of the line: hatred, rejection, barricades, tear gas, threats of being fired upon and more chaos. And still they come, breaking through barriers, running hard, seeking any mole opening into the Promised Land.

It’s enough to break your heart. And, on top of all their suffering and hardship, what they come seeking no longer exists.

Then I fell asleep and had a dream. I dreamed I was full of powers foreign to my actual circumstances (powerlessness). I dreamed I had the power to open wide the border and to give shelter immediately to all these homeless people seeking asylum.  

I dreamed I had the bank accounts of the top 100 wealthiest people in the world seized and, while leaving them enough to live simply, used this wealth (stolen from the people) to create a world-class string of tent cities all across the nation with their own common kitchens, their own classrooms and recreational facilities, in enthusiastically accepting and involved communities. They are welcome to stay in these shelters as long as they want.

Meanwhile, I dreamed I directed enormous sums of the reclaimed wealth to develop safe enterprise zones back in their own lands with the help of top business leaders of good will. Their economic and governmental structures were rebuilt according to the will of the people. Gradually the refugees wanted to return to their own lands and the flow of migrating people was reversed. Those who stayed belonged to us forever.

What a silly old dream it was.

Ralph J. Dolan

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