David Spound: Wants answers from city about cost of road repairs

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Published: 4/2/2018 9:30:50 PM
Wants answers from city about cost of road repairs

Thanks to the writer for his letter regarding the horrendous condition of many streets in Northampton (“Questions condition of roads in Northampton,” March 23).

I urge my fellow citizens to insist that our city government prioritize doing a much better job repairing and maintaining our roads. More and more streets are becoming unsafe — hazardous to cars, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Some potholes get patched. However, many patches don’t last, they make our streets bumpy, and the problems get worse every year. I invite anyone to travel from the Leeds post office down Main and Spring streets toward the Elks Lodge for an example of how patching does not keep up with the problem and can even make the road surface worse.

The Gazette reported that the mayor has increased road repair funding to $2.5 million (“Bumping along,” March 24-25). That means a few more streets will be repaved this year. However, many that are in dire need of immediate repaving will continue to deteriorate.

I ask the mayor to tell us: How much money would be required to thoroughly repair and repave roads throughout Northampton? Once we know the true scope of the problem, we can have a more informed dialogue about solutions.

The distribution of state and federal money is problematic and inequitable. The burden will fall to us as a community.

Will an override become necessary to address this problem? Nobody wants to pay more in taxes, but imagine how much worse and more expensive the problem will be in five or 10 years.

I am proud to live in a city that has funded important renovations to our middle and high schools, and built new stations for our fire and police departments. I hope that we will come together as a community and support whatever efforts are needed to bring our roads back up to good and safe condition.

But first, we need clear information and leadership on this matter from our mayor and City Council. Patching potholes and paving a few streets each year is just not good enough.

David Spound


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